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Cyberion MasterTech local phone repair assessments. Near 21090 Linthicum Heights, MD

iDroid cracked screen assessment Device incoming is a phone that is branded iDroid. The battery on the back is branded iDroid Apache G6. After removing the back battery cover I see 16 screws. In addition the rear camera has deep scratches if not light crack across the camera lens. In coming charge current is hard to register because the charge port itself does not seem to be seating very well. As a result just a slight tug on it will release it. The battery level is under 5 % right now. Actually it sates 82 % but the charge port itself it very loose as soon as I touch on it lightly it comes right off. We will go ahead and power up the device. And we see that it is starting to power up. Furthermore there are fractures all through out the screen. Most likely the customer is coming in to service and repair all these fractures across the screen. However the first thing we are going to do on this device is determine the approximate replacement value of the device before we move forward with the repair. On some devices it does not make sense to perform service and repair on it. Since the cost of service and repair may out way the cost of the replacement device. Mr. Khan is taking a few minutes to look up the parts cost of the device so we can get back to the customer. If you need your Droid device repaired, contact us today! Cyberion MasterTech phone repair Http://

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Cyberion MasterTech local phone repair assessments. Near 21227 Catonsville, MD

iPhone 6s broken LCD assessment iPhone 6s and up use a sealing around the parameter which we have to soften up with a heat gun prior to wedging it open. Furthermore once we heat it up we open it up with a blade by entering at a 45 degree angle. Just enough to get our finger nails into it and once we get out finger nails into it wedge it open. We run the blade straight down to the side to cut through the adhesive. Its important to cut through the adhesive before we wedge it open because if we try to leverage it open without cutting it open then sometimes it may cause unnecessary cracks on the screen. There are numerous scratches on the customers phone right now. However we want to prevent any cracks from forming on there. Next we lift it up a little bit higher. In addition once we get it about this angle we run it through the heat gun again. Moreover we maintain high speed while running it back and forth to soften up the top adhesive. Once the top adhesive softens up, we break that seal with our finger nail and lift it up. Upon examination of the inside we see there are twelve screws that are secure and in place. Sometimes during normal wear and tear some of these screws do shake loose and end up getting lodge inside the phone. As a result I always make it a point to do an assessment on my customers phone. Because sometimes during the repair process some of these screws that become loose may cause complications and the customer gets upset. Most of the screws if not all are present and intact. Lets try to wiggle a few screws and see if they are stable. This one is actually prolapsing when I simply wiggle it without even turning it. I think that’s the only one that became loose. These 6 screws right here are the one that I will remove to service the phone. However everything looks good, its free and clear of debri. Moreover the inside looks excellent compared to the outside. As a result it’s a good candidate for the repair and I will look at parts cost based upon a failed LCD. We are not able to test the touch sensor on the front. But we will look up parts cost and issue a quote based on the failed LCD for iPhone 6s; Model designation A1633. If you need your iPhone repaired, contact us today! Cyberion MasterTech phone repair Http://

Cyberion MasterTech local phone repair assessments. Near 21227 Baltimore, MD

Samsung Galaxy S8 plus network unlock assessment Incoming device is a Samsung S8 plus; Coral blue in color. The model designation is a little hard to see because it’s greyed out. Therefore I will have to come back to see the model designation. The incoming charge current is 1.80 Amps the power button and volume button does appear to have positive tactile feedback. Looks like all functions and features of the device are working. Customer is looking to unlock the device from Sprint network to T-Mobile network. The incoming charge current is 1.60 Amps. The battery level is about 2 %. Furthermore there doesn’t appear to be any malfunctions or problems with the device right now. Despite having cracks all throughout it’s surface. There are cracks on the front and cracks on the back. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked. The front camera does not appear to be cracked either. However all four corners of the screen are exhibiting fractures. The cosmetic condition of the device is about a C or D grade but the device is still functional. We will help the customer by doing a network unlock that costs approximately $ 99. I quote approximately 24 hours to do it. Finally at this time we will pull up some of the setting and serial number before we start the repair process. If you need your Samsung repaired, contact us today! Cyberion MasterTech phone repair Http://

Screen protector installation by Master tech.

Customers hear lifetime warranty. As a result take it home and hit it with large warranty. And say hey can I get my lifetime warranty. I have been selling the screen protectors for long. I recall that during the first few years of selling it, this young girl she is about 12 years old. She was so excited about the screen protector but when she took it home she called me and said you know what my tempered glass screen protector broke. I asked her what happened and she replied I was showing off to my friends. I was in the garage and I hit it with a hammer and it broke. I told her that is for demonstration purpose so don’t go home and hammer it because it will break if you hit if hard enough. I went ahead and replaced it as a courtesy so she was happy about it. I felt bad because she was such a innocent young girl who was excited about our demonstration.

Ok! I went ahead and cleaned it off for you. The cleaning process is very important. We are going to spray only the corner of cloth right here. Just the corner with our prep solvent and we run it around the parameter of our screen very thoroughly. However we are not pressing down very hard right now. We just letting the solvent just sit in there and let it take away any loose particles. Now we will turn the cloth on to the dry surface and notice that I am not bunching it up into a tight pile. But instead I am letting it lay flat across the screen. Furthermore I start off by applying light pressure and then we get progressively harder and harder with the pressure. We rub in in small circular motion all the way around. And when we feel like it’s clean we drag it off gently.

Furthermore we use various angels of the lighting to see if there are any dust particles. Lets go ahead and circle around with the camera as well and see if there are any particles on the screen. If there are any particles on the screen we will knock it off with our pinky. This one is not a particle it’s actually embedded in the screen. In addition when we get most of the particles off we will take the screen protector and lay it on top, align it to the ear piece first. Actually I am going to go into another screen over here just so that I have a better view of the sides since it has higher contrast.
That looks like its something on the camera, that’s not a debri that’s something on the camera. The finger prints are absorbed by the adhesive layer so it won’t show up once it’s down there. I always crack a joke about it to my customer saying I have to charge them $ 10 extra for my fingerprint. However most people don’t think its funny so I make sure its fingerprint free afterwards. Finally it looks like there is a small crack underneath your screen that is what’s causing this over here. Finally comes the most important part which is the presentation, there you go my friend.

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